December 3, 2021

10 Tips for Posting Catchy Photos on Your Business Social Media Accounts

Do you realize that the current market is for the businesses that have proved their online presence? Are you wondering how that competitor is flourishing day and night because of his online engagement with the customers? Why do your photos not sell the same? Is your social media account not engaging your target audience as you planned?

If these questions resonate with you, then you have landed on the right page. Social media is driven by visuals, many of which are photos. Maybe you need to revisit your idea of posting catchy photos on your business's social media accounts. But how?

We have got you covered. Here are a few tips for posting catchy photos on your business social media accounts:

10 Tips for Posting Catchy Photos

You might be starting small and using your smartphone's camera for the purpose or working big using a professional camera; for posting catchy photos, the following tips must always considered.

Shoot in Daylight

As much as possible, try to use natural daylight for those perfect hues. Daylight is natural as well as has a pleasant effect on the human eyes. Daylight also helps your photos to have that professional look you need as a lack of light can lead to “noisy” or “grainy” images. For a magical quality, shoot when the light is soft around sunrise, sunset, or “blue hour”.

Focus on the Lighting

If you don’t have adequate natural light, your focus should be on lighting your image. Bouncing light onto your image from a natural source like a window might be enough. If using a flash, consider accessories to soften harsh bulbs. Professional lighting equipment can be expensive and sizeable, but portable LED lights designed for photography (such as a LumeCube) are useful for lighting dark scenarios.

Choose an Adequate Background

Your background can be simple, or it can be funky. Whatever it is, ensure that it does not overshadow your subject. Having said that, don't be scared to be a little creative with your background. You might want to add a pop of colour through your background or simply use wooden floors or interesting objects to showcase a product.

Play with the Camera Angles

Not all photos that seem great at first glance are focused in the center. Your photos appear more appealing if you play with the camera angles. But don't push the object to the extreme corners either. Your subject must be visible. Try a variety of angles and experiment with the Rule of Thirds.

The Rule of Thirds is a composition rule that involves an imaginary grid dividing an image into thirds using two horizontal lines an two vertical lines. When you use this grid as a guide to position important elements of your image, you produce a more natural composition that is appealing to the eyes.

Another helpful tip for posting catchy photos will be to go for landscape mode while clicking your photos. Landscapes are easier to crop and settle in a fashionable way for your social media grid.

Go Candid

Who said you always need to pose for a picture? Candids make a great photo. Also, they appear more human. The best way to capture a candid photo is to have fun and click as many photos as you can. You will have the best candids ever!

Even if your business is about products, a little human interaction won't go wrong. Instead, it will help your audience to co-relate with your products.

Add Text To Your Photos

Though in general, it is believed that a picture says it all. However, when it comes to social media, a little text won't hurt anyone. Your audience is intrigued by the photos with text over them. It can be a unique quote or an unusual offer. Maybe a quote from your business meeting or conference? It will be unique, and you might want your customers to hear it. Just try to keep it short and sweet so it may fit any screen size.

A quick tip: While doing so, don't forget to play with the fonts. Your text should be easy to read and just as appealing as the image you are sharing.

Adopt a Theme

Your customers usually recognize you through the style you portray yourself. Define one for your social media accounts too. For posting catchy photos, go for a colour scheme, a theme, a pattern, or anything consistent that solely defines your brand identity.

Consistent content makes your audience feel connected through the theme you choose. It helps you to stand out from the crowd. Your photo appears on their newsfeed, and they should be able to name you the instant they see it – that too without the need to check for the account name.

Tell a Story

If you want to connect with your audience by posting catchy photos, then first understand that catchy photos are not just lighting, colour theme, and your products. The idea is beyond this concept and requires a story behind it.

Your photos must narrate a story. Your story might settle in a single cell or needs a grid for 12 photos. But it must be authentic. With so many images making rounds on social media, your customer or target audience will be intrigued by some authentic stories. It does not have to be complex; a mere simple idea will do.

Edit Your Photos

A little editing is always required for adding that professional touch to your photos. Use the editing tools for the purpose. There are plenty of tools available. See for yourself what works best for you.

With that said, over-Editing is a big NO! While we advise you to edit every photo, we also want you to keep your filters on to analyze when you are overdoing it. In other words, you must know when to stop.

Our Stance

Though these tips seem easy to follow, with so many activities going on the run, a single person is not able to update and manage their social media accounts. You might be wondering about hiring a team for this purpose. Worry not; we've got you covered! Let us share your burden and help you in posting catchy photos on your social media accounts. That’s not it, how about giving you 14 days free access to the following services from us?

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