August 2, 2021
3 Min

Get New Content Ideas With These 3 Easy Questions 

When people get online they’re usually looking for two things: entertainment and information. I mean, take a look at what you’re doing right now… You’re reading this blog post because you’re seeking information… Right? 

You’re in need of a solution to a problem you’re having or trying to improve something. For this particular case, you’re looking to create more ideas for content marketing. 

The options for information and entertainment on the internet are almost endless. There are almost 5 BILLION videos watched on YouTube each day. When people need to know just about anything they have it at their fingertips via their phone. Let’s not even get started on the time spend on social media apps. It’s crazy. 

So now that we know where the eyeballs of our customers are… How do we get them to not only notice us but also take action and buy from us? 

Well, it’s as easier than you think.

The goal of any content marketer is to generate engagement and increase conversion rates… However, we shouldn’t guess how to produce the results we want, we should just ask our customers. That’s right, just ask the customers directly. 

Below we share 3 questions that you can ask your existing and prospective customers to create new ideas for your content marketing strategy that both entertains and educates. 

*You can use these if you’re selling a product OR a service. Just swap out the words necessary. 

1. When You’re Thinking About Purchasing X, What Scares You?

It would be a lie if we told you that all purchases are smooth sailing. There will almost always be some hesitation. Your job is to make that hesitation as minimal as possible. So ask them directly and they’ll tell you their fears so you can eliminate or mitigate them moving forward. 

Remember, don’t try to guess what their fears would be or base your marketing strategy on what YOUR fears are… Do the research and base your decision making on facts. 

You’ll find the best results this way. 

2. Which Is More Important to You: Price or Quality?

Whenever you think about a product or service you may be looking for the cheapest or you could be looking for the highest quality. It varies from person to person. 

That’s why this is a great question to ask your customer base to see how the majority weighs. This could make a huge difference for your marketing strategy, profit margins and bottom line. Imagine if you could increase your sales by 100% if you just made your product more affordable? You wouldn’t lose the customers who are going to a competitor who’s just selling a cheaper version of your product or service. The same goes for creating a more high quality product or service. You just need to gather that data and use the numbers to base your decisions on. 

3. Why Do You Choose Us Over Another Company That Sells the Same Product?

This is a remarkable question that you should be asking EVERY customer that pays you money for your product or service. This is some of the best feedback you can possibly get to keep crushing your competition. 

Your customers know exactly what advantages you have over your competitors. Ask them. 

So what do you do next? You take the answers your customers are giving you and you build marketing content around it. 

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