November 27, 2021

How does Beyond Story Media use Podcasts as a Marketing Tool?

Are you afraid of missing each opportunity for your Business? Do things seem to overwhelm you when you want to focus on your branding?

We bet you won't regret reading this article because this article will clarify a lot of ambiguities for your branding and digital marketing.

The Benefits of a Podcast For a Business are undeniable; podcasts play a significant role in the digital world as an increasingly popular method of sharing ideas. There are many ways businesses choose to market themselves digitally, and every marketing tool may not be beneficial to everyone because every niche is different, and so are your target market’s demographics.

Beyond Story Media is a strong believer in “Sharing Your Story”. This theme and vision allow us to bring a creative edge to marketing strategies.  This is where podcasts and other engaging content come in.

Fact Check: Did you know that businesses which focus on branding are more likely to generate higher revenues than those that don’t?

Branding may seem tedious and costly, but imagine the benefits you can leverage from this technique. Though important, we don’t just mean designing a cohesive logo either. There are many creative ways to build a strong and cohesive brand.

A podcast is a marketing tool that helps in building the brand of your business. It can connect you with your potential customers on a deeper level. Instead of using a highly expensive broadcasting facility, you can start your own podcast with some basic equipment and knowledge.

We Analyze Your Niche

Creating a Podcast without homework would be a waste of effort; it is crucial to understand what are the ins and outs of your niche. The style and content of your podcast will vary based on your niche and competitors on the market. You may be able to dig into topics alone after doing some research and fact-checking, or you may need to bring a co-host onboard or interview experts. When developing and producing a podcast, it helps to have the input from marketing professionals who will analyze your niche, consider your goals, and incorporate this into the creative aspects of starting a podcast.

We check the Demographics of your existing and Potential Customers

Doing a demographic check is crucial to understand your audience. If your target market is made up of students looking forward to applying for a study visa through your business, it is the best way to create podcast content that satisfies their queries. Another tool that we use to plan your podcast topics is by analyzing the interest on your social media accounts. That helps us to create something which is more in demand and gets appreciated once we broadcast it.

Our Experts Record Your Podcast

Our team of experts is involved in every aspect of producing and distributing your podcast. From preparing a script to hosting it and uploading it to recognized outlets, we can support your podcast every step of the way.

Beyond Story Media is an all-arounder when it comes to facilitating the process.

We Organize/ Recommend Guests for a Healthy Discussion

If you are clueless about the content of the podcast, there’s no need to cringe because Beyond Story Media has got it all covered!

We can conceptualize, script, schedule, host, record, and upload your podcast depending on your needs and preferences.

Consistency Equals Success

Marketing is all about consistency. As an individual, consistency can present one of the biggest challenges.

Beyond story Media can provide the support you need to consistently produce catchy content that combines elements of storytelling and marketing.

We will create and maintain the consistency of your content publishing/broadcasting, podcasts included!

We Create a Passive Income Stream for You

Just like any other digital platform, did you know that when you get a good number of visitors over time your Podcasts could generate passive income for you?

Sounds exciting, right?

Our goal is not just to create Podcasts for your business, in fact, we believe in generating revenue for your business from any possible platform we can.

Podcast Benefits Case Study

Let us share a story with you about our success with podcasts. The world is really big, but our digital existence makes it easier to take advantage of globalization. When you exist on numerous digital platforms, people and businesses acknowledge you and welcome you into their network. A business rule for scaling is to be connected to a community related to your niche because that is a sea of opportunities that you get to encash various events.

When you have just started a business, it gets challenging to be acknowledged but some tricks and techniques can do the magic spell for your business.

The founder of Beyond Story Media Al Liao just recently had an opportunity to do a Podcast for the C-Suite Millennial Show with Jeffrey Hayzlett, gaining reach and exposure while building his name and brand. Now, this is what we call cashing out on opportunities through podcasts!

There are many more successful examples to share related to Podcasts. Meanwhile, you check these Podcasts of us and our clients and see what difference you would create to stand out among others. All these are recorded by our Podcast Experts Team of Beyond Story Media:

1. Business Essentials with CEO of C-Suite Network Jeffrey Hayzlett

2. Adapting to Canadian Culture with Kari Karlsjberg (Road to Canada)

3. The History of Chinese Food in Vancouver with Lee Man (Grandpa's Recipes)

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