December 3, 2021

Preserving Your Legacy!

Preserving your legacy makes your existence an inspiration for the next generations. It’s always good to pass on some great things from the past to the future to preserve the legitimate attributes. Your family is your legacy, and it’s your responsibility to pass on the best out of you to your next breed. Especially, as a parent, you can influence your children with the best traits and practices you possess.

How many of you have great parents? I can guess this one easily, obviously, all parents are the best! But what makes them best is what I am talking about!

I was blessed to have great parents. I was raised by two great people who have played the most vibrant role in my life. My mother has been an inspiration for me, while my dad has been the strongest support throughout. Now, let me tell you why my dad was incredible:

He worked hard day and night and made sure our needs were never compromised. He was the one, who never missed an opportunity to be there for us, as we were growing. He always showed up for every activity taking place in the school. Because he wanted to see us grow and bloom.

The role he has played through this act is unforgettable for me! Because he never missed any of my tournaments since I was just seven years old. How amazing, wasn’t it?

Not just that, he recorded every match that I played and took photos for me when I was an athlete for over 15 years. He has saved each recording tape with time, date, and what tournament I played. Could you imagine how cool was that?

Unfortunately, six years ago I lost my dad, and if you have ever lost a loved one you know how painful it is. That is when I realized my dad had something for all of us to look back and retain those moments of us growing.

I wish I could have made a journal of my dad’s journey just like he made one for us, as he was growing old. I wish I could have saved those moments, his physical appearance, his presence, his smiles, his voice so that I could watch today and feel content. I would love and be grateful to have my dad’s legacy preserved!

My name is Al Liao, and I am the founder of Beyond Story Media. We play three significant roles to help you scale up your business, create your legacy and preserve it!. We create content stories for you and your business. We strongly believe that stories create a long-lasting impact.

We create videos, photos, stories for you and your business so you can preserve them forever! We create podcasts, and manage all your social media platforms so your voice and story are being shared with the world! We make sure you get heard, and so does your story.

One of my clients (Raymond) who owns a third-generation restaurant in Vancouver BC, once asked me a question;

Raymond: Al, I have run this business for almost 10 years and people know we offer great food and service. Unfortunately, they do not know the story behind this business!

Me:  What is the business story?

Raymond: Al, my business is passed on to me in the third generation, and the recipes are genuinely from Taiwan which I am offering in Vancouver. The business name is on my grandparent’s name, and their hard work has inspired me to endorse this business and keep moving.

Me: Raymond, it’s not difficult. My team and I will help you create your story's content, set up your podcast, shoot the video, and then post it to all the platforms to share your story with the world!

Three months later his business grew 19% and people started to share his story everywhere. Because we started preserving his legacy ;-)

See the impact we made, within just a matter of three months?

Just like Raymond, you too can preserve your legacy, share your story behind the scene.

Do you want to make an impact too with your story?

Wait, what? Are you too busy to handle this all?

No worries, I have a gift for you! Wrapped in just seven simple steps.

These Seven Steps Plan of Generating Profit on Social Media will guide you step by step to make an impact through your social media accounts.

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I wish I had someone who could record all that my dad has done for us. I wish we could see the journey he had been through, so all his effort and hard work to support his family would be recorded. That story would have been with us forever, and make an impact forever too!

If you are busy growing your business and want to share your business story/ journey with your family, friends, clients, and everyone in the world, Beyond story media is here to help.

We want to help one million business owners, entrepreneurs from all over the world. Or someone like you, we want to record your journey and grow your business. More importantly, we want to see your story inspire the next generation. Because we believe your story matters. We help business owners to grow their business to 30% in less than 90 days by using story content. We make their story with our content.

While you are busy growing your business, we help you to do it better and also record your journey of success. We are aiming to make you a brand. We are preserving your legacy.

Thank you!

Al Liao


Beyond Story Media