November 27, 2021

The Best B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2021

If you are a marketer, your wish is to make sure that your ideas, strategic insights, and practical operations are all backed up by facts and data. Also, your clients, leads, and people in the audience expect you to provide them with useful material. And the content must be delivered in a manner that feels natural and organic rather than being intrusive to the audience. This is where content marketing comes in. This is the way of attracting, interacting, and satisfying your targeted customers. You can achieve that by focusing on smart content marketing, increasing sales, brand exposure, revenues, and establishing yourself like an industry leader, among other things.

Speaking of data, all kinds of data that give a clear picture of facts and figures can be pretty helpful to make business decisions. Because they can guide you on how to utilize your resources in an optimal manner. With this data, you can make quick and firm decisions.

There are many B2B marketers who have no idea how content marketing can influence their success rate. We have compiled the best stats for B2B content marketing for 2021 to provide you with planning opportunities accordingly. Because this data will help you to determine which part to invest in and which one to avoid. It will save you lots of money and time in the longer run. But first, we will tell you the basics of what content marketing is and why it is very important.  

What is B2B Content Marketing?

The procedure of planning, developing, delivering, sharing, and releasing content through channels like social media, blogging, sites, podcasts, applications, media releases, including print publications, among others, is known as content marketing. B2B content marketing is specifically between businesses and not the common masses. It is a business-to-business advertisement. Simply put, you are not directly presenting your ideas to the people but to the corporate businesses, retailers, manufacturers, and other companies. The objective is to enhance brand exposure, sales, involvement, and loyalty by reaching out to your target demographic.

Outbound marketing methods (and anything else that disturbs your business audience) are not quite as effective as they've ever been in connecting with and converting them.

Today’s modern content must communicate with your viewers in a unique and natural manner. Developing a narrative for business material — or presenting a tale — is a frequent technique to do this.

Why is B2B Content Marketing Important?

It is quite simple to tell that content marketing offers a huge return on investment (ROI). We are not saying this on our own, there are facts behind it. As per Statista, 30% of B2B marketers, content has the "greatest ROI" of any platform. This is the reason that 91% of marketers are making use of the content for the marketing of their company or product. Adding more to the advantages of B2B content marketing, it is 62% less costly as compared to the traditional marketing strategies.

An increase in sales is the biggest benefit of B2B content marketing. People will perceive YOU as the ultimate leader in the B2B space if you consistently create high-quality content. This increases their likelihood of purchasing from you.

So far, you have learned the importance and basic meaning of B2B content marketing. Now, we will move to the main part of the topic. Here is our compiled B2B content marketing statistical list for you:

List of B2B Content Marketing Statistics

● Organizations that are extremely committed to content marketing are 89% successful in their goals.

● Successful B2B marketers spend 40% of their marketing budget on content marketing, other respondents spend 26%, while least successful spend 14%.

● It is observed by the Content Marketing Institute that 93% of content on B2B sites receives no backlinks from other sites.

19% of average performing B2B owners rated their organizations as doing an excellent job of aligning metrics with content marketing goals; among the most successful, 54% rated their efforts as excellent/very good. While 2% of the least successful ones responded by rating their organization as underperforming.

● There is an exclusive executive in 42% of companies whose job is handling and creating content marketing strategies.

56% of B2B content marketers outsource at least one of their marketing activities. While the rest 44% do not outsource their marketing activities. While it is observed that 56% of those who outsource their marketing activities are most likely to be successful than those who don't.

25% of businesses do not hire third parties to create content for them.

● Nearly 91% of B2B organizations use content marketing.

● Only around 2/3 of marketers are outsourcing less than 1/3 of entire content production.

● A newsletter is considered a major part of content marketing among 77% of B2B companies or agencies.

● According to eMarketer’s 2018 B2B content marketing report, 78% B2B companies depend upon content marketing to generate leads and enable buyers to self-educate along the path to purchase.

84.0% of U.S companies harnessed digital content marketing strategies in 2019.

● While they had at least 100 employees, who had distributed non-promotional content for marketing purposes.

87% of B2B companies used digital content marketing in 2019 as well.

● According to Merkle’s Customer Engagement Report, 88% of marketers believe that gathering first-party data has become a priority in 2021 for content marketing.

● According to Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer, businesses have become more trustworthy and reliable institutes for information rather than government, media, or any other source.

● Writing 44% with design 42% are among the two main outsourced B2B content marketing options.

As you can see, the data provided is the latest one that will benefit you in every way to enhance your B2B content marketing strategies. Let’s move to the updated statistics list of B2B SEO blogs.

List of B2B SEO Blogs Statistics

In times where videos and social media platforms are gaining immense popularity. People use them as a medium to enhance the rating of their content. Meanwhile, the importance of SEO articles, blogs, and content writing still cannot be denied and looked down upon.

With SEO optimization, the content stands out in search engines and helps in engaging more audiences.

● Organizations that are extremely committed towards content marketing are 89% successful in their goals.

● Blogging, as per 52% of B2B businesses, is perhaps the most important tool for overall content marketing effectiveness.

● It requires 3-5 pieces of information (content) for 40% of B2B purchasers to contact the seller.

● In 2018, this was discovered that 49% of all B2C marketers outsource their content creation to outsourcing services.

● The blogs are comparatively the most helpful according to 59% of B2B content marketers.

72%, a large number of B2B marketers, seem to be more inclined to utilize blogging as social media material, whereas 61% B2C marketers seem to be more liable to use blog posts in marketing content.

● A major portion of 60-70% of B2B marketers’ content that is published is wasted.

● Hardly 2% of published articles by the B2B companies end in 75% among all B2B material being shared on social media.

● A blog article published on the B2C website obtains 9.7 times higher responses as compared to a blog written on a B2B website. Nevertheless, the distribution of hyperlinks and sharing seems to be identical in customers of both content marketing strategies; B2C and B2B.

● When compared to blogs lacking photographs, blogs containing relevant images earn 94%higher views.

● In the upcoming years, 68% of marketers claim they intend to incorporate more photos.

● On average, writing an ordinary blog article costs a writer roughly 3 hours and 16 minutes.

● Bloggers who stay longer (approximately 6 hours) producing their blog article have 56% greater content outcome for content marketing relative to those spending less time.

● Headlines with numbers act as magic as 36% of viewers are much more likely to choose and click on an item with a figure in the primary title and headers.

● Bloggers who write lengthy blog pieces have somewhat higher content marketing outcomes, according to 50% of them.

● Non-paid contributions or guest pieces account for 57% of hired blog content for business bloggers.

The B2B SEO blog stats are pretty much done and now it is time to introduce you to the list of social media marketing in the B2B space. Come along!

List of B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics

You cannot deny the importance and impact of social media on everything today. From simple to complex content sharing and advertisements, social media stands at the top as the medium of content distribution. Having gadgets and mobile phones all around you, you can clearly feel the difference in the mindset and approach of people.

Here is a comprehensive list of stats for B2B social media marketing:

● The usage of mobile phones has rapidly increased in 2020, the reason is having limited personal gatherings.

● Mobiles are influencing 45% of financial decisions.

● Social media is the third most competent type of B2B marketing channel used at 41% for their content marketing.

● Twitter is the number one platform used for B2B content marketing through social media.

● Linkedin is the second most used social media space for B2B businesses.

● B2B buyers having a percentage of 84% share business-related items and data on LinkedIn regularly or you can say daily.

● Instagram is the second most used social media platform for B2B brands.

● People spend roughly 2.5 hours per day on social media plus social messaging in general.

● Over 70% of B2B business representatives who have used social media during the last year say it has aided them in increasing sales.

● In 2018, about 58% of clients said that visual posts on different social media platforms are more appealing than written material.

● The most utilized social media platform for B2B and B2C is Facebook at the moment.

● People using Facebook can remember information after just 0.25 seconds, as per Facebook for Business.

● Facebookers view a piece of material for an estimated 1.7 seconds.

● According to the same study, 59% of consumers want postings that educate them about something fresh.

● The major purpose of social media advertising, according to 80% of social media marketers, is to increase brand recognition.

60% of the audience shows interest in a product or gets to know the product through the quality content generated.

List of Top 5 B2B Content Marketing Tactics

Playing with words and content changes the whole scenario of the game. Some companies offer such outclass content marketing that makes the businesses guaranteed to buy from them. They use B2B content marketing tactics. Want to know which ones? The following are the 5 most useful B2B content marketing tactics:

● Content marketing via social media platforms (93%)

● Case studies (82%)

● e-Newsletters (81%)

● Blogging /blog posts (81%)

● Live events (81%)

Content marketing overall has different percentages for different tactics such as blogging have 65% value whereas social media posts and case studies both stand at 64%.

List of Top 5 B2B Content Marketing Challenges

Challenges always come when you are trying to make a difference. The same is the case with the B2B content marketing strategy. The top-rated challenges of B2B content marketing are as follows:

● Creating engaging and interesting content (60%)

● Consistency in making content (57%)

● Estimation of content effectiveness (57%)

● ROI measurement of the content program (52%)

● Low budget (35%)

There is a lot more to the B2B content marketing strategies in the upcoming years. Companies have this tool that they use for their benefit and without any doubt, it has produced effective results for the businesses. With the help of data and actual facts, it becomes quite easy for you to understand so many things regarding your B2B content marketing flaws. It gives you an idea of where you stand and what needs to be improved from your end that enhances your capability to make your company among the top.  

Whether it's for a B2B or B2C audience, provide value to any material. Develop content to help your potential customers along their purchasing path.

Consider incorporating this information into your B2B content marketing plan and developing material that is effective. Please reach out to us if you require assistance with content creation.