August 2, 2021
3 mins

The Different Types of SEO Keywords And When To Use Them

There are two categories of keywords when referring to SEO (search engine optimization). There are broad keywords and then there are long-tail keywords. Broad keywords break down into two different types. Navigational & General. Most broad keywords used on the web are of the navigational type. For instance, if you go to your web browser and want to go to Facebook, you’re less likely to type in ( Most users will just type ‘Facebook’ in the browser search bar. Then, simply click the link on to take them to the website.

This is the case for most websites including Dropbox, Gmail, etc. So, they’re ‘navigating’ to by searching for the broad keyword ‘Facebook’ in the search engine. That’s why these types of broad keywords have the name ‘Navigational’. Other than navigational, you have ‘General’ broad keywords.

These are things such as:

Marketing, Best Monitor & Top Vehicle.

They don’t state a specific brand, type or other technicality. Giving them the term ‘broad’ & ‘general’.

Then, you have this category called long-tail keywords.

These keywords break down into three different types: Informational, Transactional & General. Informational long-tail keywords example:

“How to learn SEO”

This long-tail keyword indicates a search for information. So, basically, you’re telling the search engine that you’re just looking for information. That’s why these are called ‘informational long-tail keywords’.

Okay, let’s take a look at what a Transactional long-tail keyword looks like:

Example: “Buy Macbook Pro Online”

Here, you’re telling the search engine that you’re wanting to purchase something. In other words, make a ‘transaction’. This type of long-tail keyword is going to pull up purchasing links and offers instead of information.The last type of long-tail keywords is General long-tail keywords.

Example: “eCommerce Wordpress Website”

This long-tail keyword search does not indicate that you’re looking specifically for information or for making a purchase. If you were to add ‘how to create an’ before this General long-tail keyword it would become an Informational long-tail keyword and your search result would yield much differently with the search engine. This is because you’re searching for ‘How to’ which indicates to the search engine that you’re looking for information on that specific topic or product. In a nutshell, if your long-tail keyword starts with ‘How to’ consider it an Informational long-tail keyword. If your long-tail keyword contains the word ‘buy’, you can consider it a transactional long-tail keyword.

So, which one is used where?

Well, simply put… if you’re starting or already running an online store you’ll want to use Transactional long-tail keywords. If you’re running an online blog or news site, you’ll want to use Informational long-tail keywords. Unless your site has a high site authority, you’ll want to steer clear of Broad keywords for a bit until your site gains more authority with search engines. This is because competitors in a specific niche that have a higher authority usually have higher traffic. This means it will be hard for your new site to rank highly using the same broad keywords these massive blogs or online stores are already using.

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