November 27, 2021

The Story Tellers: What is the Beyond Story Media Marketing Strategy?

Are you thinking of increasing your audience through social media? Do you struggle with finding the correct strategy to hit the target audience? Or do you want to step up your marketing game in this time of neck-to-neck competition? Something has to be done that you are not just figuring out, right? Well, there are so many ways you can. And if you are confused about what to grab and what not among hundreds of options, we are here to help you. You cannot neglect the importance of marketing strategy. Brands are now becoming more efficient in this department than ever before. Marketing strategy is the action plan and the plan itself to endorse or promote the business to a wider audience. Now, who doesn’t want to get noticed by a bigger audience? Everyone does!

Opinion; the brands that believe in telling their customers more always end up selling more. Don’t you agree? Humans are attracted to stories that inspire them. Humans have always told stories, so their minds have grown to appreciate them. It's simply a fact. Beyond Story Media operates by integrating this storytelling fact with strategy. You can indirectly refer to it as emotional branding. Why Storytelling is Important to Us

If you need proof, here it is. Manchester United aspired to become the very first football club within China to launch a culturally significant promotional campaign.

It collaborated with Qumin on a mobile-first narrative experience that brought the Red Devil concept to life. The famous 'Wake Up The Devil Inside You' tale is a collection of films that combine football, manga, plus gaming to motivate football fans all across China.

The story illustrates supporters showing their football abilities to confront evil cosmic forces to save the world. Its animation is done in the renowned Chinese Manga technique starring Man U players. At certain points throughout the tale, interactive components and customization smartly gather the consumers' data.

You see, that is why we believe in storytelling marketing strategy. Honestly, it makes the customer fall for your brand. They feel a heart-to-heart connection with you. Whether or not a consumer buys your product is usually determined by how they feel towards your brand. Beyond Story Media emphasizes storytelling because we agree with this fundamental element of marketing.

Tell Stories with Every Element of Your Marketing Strategy

Do you know that different compounds are made of two to many elements that themselves consist of so many atoms and molecules? Likewise, marketing strategy is made of various core elements and each presents an opportunity to tell a story.


Being omnipresent means being present all over the place at any given time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach out to your customers on all social media platforms simultaneously? When you share your story through multiple sources, your reach and conversions (sales) will increase accordingly.  Omnipresence across multiple platforms allows your brand, message, and story to reach a wider audience.

Sales Funnel

You have seen a funnel or at least know what it looks like. It has a broad mouth that narrows down in a tube-like shape. It filters out the impurities and lets the clean liquid flow through it. In the same way, a sales funnel guides potential customers on a journey that starts with introducing your company to a broad audience and ends with a small but valuable number of loyal repeat customers and supporters.  . Storytelling is an essential part of building a sales funnel becuase stories are what hook and lead people through the journey. Sharingyour narrative allows  people interact and connect with you emotionally. This connection is what converts people into customers.

Customer Retention

When you say you care for your customers, you are not only making money but also retaining your potential customers. How? Sharing is caring, everyone knows this proverb. People crave caring and loving brands. They invest in those areas where they feel warmth and closeness. Your story and the services that you provide bind your customers together. Through that, they make a connection to you and then the product they buy from you.


Engagement! Engagement! Engagement! You’ve experienced when an Instagram influencer asks you to engage in a post. Why? Because it not only expands the reach of the post but is a way to interact with followers. Engagement keeps your audience interested in your product. Engagement is another way for forging a direct connection with your customers, and provides them with a direct line to hearing your stories. It also shows that you are listening to their needs too.

Share Consistently

Beyond Story Media believes in repetition. No, no, not the annoying one! But a healthy sharing of your narrative and cause through different platforms. Repetition allows a topic or fact to become a part of your brain. Likewise, engaging and storytelling consistently allows your message to stick.. Consistency also capitalizes on the way social platform algorithms work. As a result, more sales and reach!

Beyond Story Media prides ourselves in being storytellers. We strive to understand your business and the story behind it, then share it with the world. We know the importance of a marketing strategy and the role that storytelling plays. So, grab the opportunity and make your way as the biggest brand out there. Who wants to deliver an inspiring story of your brand? BSM is here for you!

Book a call for our services, join hands with us, and then see the difference with your own eyes!