September 17, 2021

What is the Importance of Storytelling in Marketing?

Nina: Are you serious? What makes you think I need to come up with a story to tell the world why I started a bakery? Who would be interested in knowing my boring story full of struggles? I have come so far and I don’t want to spoil my brand and my family reputation!

Brand Marketer: Nina, I understand your concerns. Just think for a second, there are hundreds of bakeries in the city. But no one knows that a woman called Nina is a single parent. She loved baking because her mom used to bake the best stuff when she was a kid! Her best childhood memory was the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies, cakes, and pastries her mom made.

When her husband abandoned her with two kids, she had no choice but to start baking pastries, cakes, and cookies to sell in the neighbourhood. Gradually she began to get big orders and she had to hire a team to manage the workload with her. She now owns her own bakery which she runs with her team. That journey explains how she is raising two beautiful children.

Now, this is what we call a brand story! A brand story makes your audience emotionally connected to you. It shows your authenticity to your prospective customers, which helps you stand out in a meaningful way.

Why is Brand Storytelling the Future of Marketing?

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Brand Storytelling is the present and future of marketing. Selling with traditional marketing techniques no longer works today. In this era, our customers are more aware and concerned about the authenticity of a brand.  Hiding behind huge budgets or cheesy slogans and jingles is a thing of the past. Today, trust is earned by forging meaningful connections.

So what is the importance of storytelling in marketing? Today, marketing is all about creating a tribe or community with aligned beliefs. A strong storyline can boost a brand’s reputation by allowing the brand to build a loyal community. By creating regular content with a clear brand story that weaves a deeper connection, you can make your customers feel as if they are with you on your journey. 

Benefits of Creating a Brand Story

There are many benefits to creating a Brand Story. We have listed a few to explain how a storyline can make a positive impact in these areas of your customer and brand relationship.

Shares Real Experience: Interactive

When you share your real experiences, it makes the sharing interactive. Your customers start to feel connected to you. They feel affiliation and learn the truth about your brand. Showing the real you and the story behind your business makes it trustworthy for customers.

Differentiates You

There are billions of content pieces being shared every day. Getting noticed in a sea of content is nearly impossible. In order to be noticed, you have to do something that makes you stand out among a million others. Your Brand Story makes you prominent in a crowd of sameness. 

Creates Empathy

Being vulnerable by sharing your dips and success may seem like you are trying to gain sympathy. However, making sure your story includes failures and wins is honest and relatable. When your customers know your brand journey, they empathize with you based on the data you have been sharing over time. They will become familiar with a brand and story that is genuine, transforming them gradually into loyal customers.

Builds Brand Personality

Building your brand is one of the most crucial parts of marketing. Being known by a large group of people can only be possible if you share your brand story. This way, your customers can have an image of your brand in their minds and build a stronger relationship with it over time. Just like a human being, each brand holds a reputation, personality, and name, etc. Brand storytelling can make an everlasting impact on the customer's mind and creates your brand personality.

Engages your Customers

Customer engagement is actually a parameter to gauge how interesting and relevant the content you are producing is. It is essential to pay attention to engaging the customer through your content.

The best part of brand storytelling is that it keeps the customer engaged. Once they know your brand story, it is necessary to prepare content that contains data to resonate with your storyline. You should support your storyline through data and keep your customer engaged through the content. Gradually your customers start anticipating more information from you.

Builds an Emotional Connection 

Now, this is the main benefit and reason why we endorse brand storytelling. a brand story allows you to develop an emotional attachment. When your customers know who you are and how you came into this business, they respect your brand for your openness and honesty.

Selling Without Selling

You might hear this term a lot but actually doing it can be the most challenging task of all! Brand storytelling gets you out of the uncomfortable position of direct selling. Once your brand story is acknowledged, you will definitely start selling without selling.

To convince your customers to believe in your brand, you first need to make them believe in you through your brand story. It takes time to develop a brand but by sharing a clear story with consistent content, you will soon be enjoying all the benefits of brand storytelling.

If you need a hand sharing your story in the world, get in touch with us at Beyond Story Media. Our mission is to create impactful marketing content through stories!