September 21, 2021

Which of the Following Should You Consider When Creating Social Media Content

Reality check: Social media content and marketing strategies are not going away anytime soon.

We are all aware of how much social media has influenced our daily lives and our businesses too. There are so many companies that have now shifted towards social media content marketing, whose reach has outnumbered other mediums. It’s impossible to deny the importance of social media content when it comes to showing your business and products to the world. There is so much great content being produced daily that the bar for quality content is rising every day. 

It is not a piece of cake when it comes to social media content creation. That’s why it is imperative to master this skill. Employing social media for marketing purposes entails more than just creating profiles and publishing the bare minimum information regarding your company and its niche. Here are 7 tips you absolutely must consider when creating social media content. 

  1. Sharing Content Nourishes Your Brand

Curated content can frequently be offered as a simple and quick technique to get consumers and grow a social media following. When publishing on any social media platform, it's crucial to harness the power of sharing pertinent third-party information.

Curation aids in the development of relationships among brands, consumers, businesses, and industry peers. Sharing content that is relevant to your business makes your like-minded target audience invested in your social media presence.

At Beyond Story Media, we endorse the idea of sharing the most you can about your business, journey, and values. The consistent sharing of quality content connects you with your targeted audience in a way that resonates deeply.

  1. Visual Content Is King

Visual information accounts for 90% of all information sent to the nervous system! It's only natural that visuals should be the focal point of any social media material.

Take note that when it comes to social media content marketing, your company is competing with thousands of other postings for the same audience's attention daily. Your content needs to stand out so that your audience remains engaged for extended periods. When you search for which of the following tips should you consider when creating social media content, you will find these visual means of content creation:

  • Images
  • Slides
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Infographics

Each medium has its unique purpose and strengths as a communications tool. Be sure to use a variety of visual mediums and capitalize on the strengths of each.

4. Embrace the Three E’s

Any piece of content that you create should include the three E's: Emotion, Education, and Entertainment. Mastering these three E's and applying them to social media is an essential aspect of content creation. 

Emotion attracts your audience's attention and reels them in. It provides them with something to which they can connect on a deeper level. Emotion can be conveyed in titles, headings, captions, and visuals. It should also be present in the overall meaning of a piece of content. 

Education helps your audience learn about a subject. It broadens their understanding of a topic in which they are already interested. Providing education provides value, which in turn builds up the reputation of your brand. You'll be extra successful if you teach in a manner that appeals to your audience's interests and needs.

Entertainment is the core of social media. Consumers utilize social media to interact, connect, learn and enjoy themselves. After all, they've come to socialize! Make your material entertaining to increase the likelihood that it will stand out above the rest and earn meaningful engagement.

5. Engaging Content is Key to Growing Your Audience

On social media, engagement is everything. If you deliver content that is interactive to your consumers, you will get an increasing number of conversions. To generate rapport as well as make relationships, you should interact with your customers and have dialogues with them. Consistent and thoughtful responses promote credibility, likeability, and loyalty to the brand. 

Ever wonder which of the following forms of engagement you should consider when creating social media content? We highly recommend you consider these:

  • Questions
  • Games
  • Contests
  • Surveys
  • Calculators
  • Quizzes
  • Apps 
  • Polls
  • Assessments 

6. Relevance is What Matters

If your material isn't relevant to your audience, it won’t be of any use to your company. The difficult thing is determining what type of content your customers prefer.

Investigate your competitors and analyze what they're posting on social media before creating social media material. Naturally, you want to stand out from the crowd rather than getting lost in it. It’s wise to look at what everyone else is doing, evaluate how customers are responding, and create a strategy accordingly. 

This method involves little trial and error, particularly when you're beginning from scratch. Allow your audience to steer your plan and make changes as needed.

7. Hashtags Are Essential in 2021

Using #hashtags is an imperative technique to certify that the business content you posted on social media reaches a wider audience. Before you start creating social media material, look into hashtags to discover which ones make sense to your industry niche.

What are hashtags? It is a keyword preceded by the has symbol (#). It categorizes your post and makes it searchable in an index accessible to users beyond your direct following. Hashtags function with the algorithms of social media networks to deliver your information in front of a targeted audience for your business.

Hashtags nowadays are allowed on Pinterest, Linked In, and Facebook, when they were once only utilized on Twitter and Instagram. You can look for the relevant hashtags on various hashtag generators.

There's no denying that social media marketing used to be a whole lot easier. Businesses found it much simpler to use social media because there was less competition or a greater organic reach. Social media marketing evolves each day as apps and algorithms change, and grows more competitive as new users enter the fold. Nonetheless, social networking is still a reduced-cost option in comparison to other marketing platforms.

Last but not least, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Content marketing takes time to develop and flourish. The more you put into it, the more you will gain from it — which is why enlisting the help of experts is a great idea for businesses and entrepreneurs that are serious about content media marketing!